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A True Punekar? PART-1 You don’t have spend your childhood here to be one!

Posted in Pune by Amit Paranjape on December 29, 2008

The uniquely ‘Puneri’ traits and personality of a true Punekar! There are many, and could be a topic of a different post…One important characteristic is the love for the city.


You don’t have to spend your childhood in Pune to acquire these characteristics. Pune embraces people from all over the world and in a short amount of time; they too become uniquely ‘Puneri’ and fall in love with the city.


I recently came across a write-up by Rohit Srivastwa who is not originally from Pune, but spent about 6 years here. He has already become a ‘Punekar’ and describes ‘Why He Loves Pune’ extremely well in his recent blog post. To access his post, please click here.


In a future blog post, I might try to highlight more such ‘Punekars’ and their unique attributes.


Your feedback and inputs would be great!


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