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Healthcare in US – Interesting New York Times Article about ‘Disruptive Innovation’

Posted in Healthcare & Medicine, Information Technology by Amit Paranjape on February 2, 2009

The US Economic Crisis has pushed two very critical issues off the front pages for now. These include: Healthcare System Re-haul and Alternative Green Energy. In the coming weeks, I am hoping to blog more about these topics.


Recently, I came across a terrific article on ‘Disruptive Innovation, Applied to Healthcare’ in the New York Times. The article written by Janet Rae-Dupree takes an interesting view of the present state of the health-care system in US, and the changes necessary to fix it. Here is a brief extract:


“THE health care system in America is on life support. It costs too much and saps economic vitality, achieves far too little return on investment and isn’t distributed equitably. As the Obama administration tries to diagnose and treat what ails the system, however, reformers shouldn’t be worried only about how to pay for it……” To access the complete article, please click here.


I have personally experienced the limitations, the bureaucracy, and the idiosyncrasies of the American health-care system first hand, during the course of a long illness. I cannot understand how the world’s richest country can have such a fundamental, basic human necessity; in such a bad shape.


The new Obama administration has committed to focusing on the health-care system. During the election campaign primaries, there was a lot of discussion around how Sen. Hillary Clinton could approach this whole issue, given her previous attempts at it in the 1990s. Unfortunately now, with the economy in front and center, it will be a while before fundamental changes are made to this system.




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  1. LaNell Boemia said, on February 3, 2009 at 8:10 pm

    You are absolutely right our health care systems is a mess as well as our economy.
    I hope and pray the Obama administration
    can put us on the right path. We have too
    much greed in this world.

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