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PuneTech completes its first year

Posted in Information Technology, Pune, Science & Technology by Amit Paranjape on March 6, 2009

PuneTech completes its first year today. We have come a long way since March 6 2008, thanks to the great efforts of its founder Navin Kabra, and the enthusiastic support of the PuneTech Community. Going forward, it is critical to get the word out regarding this effort and drive even more participation. With these goals in mind, we have featured two articles on PuneTech today. 


PuneTech is One – Give us a birthday gift, spread the word


Spread PuneTech – tell your friends why you like PuneTech


Your feedback on PuneTech’s progress and objectives going forward would be very helpful…. And any help in evangelizing PuneTech would be great!



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