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Select Twitter Postings (Tweets) – Week of Aug 12

Posted in Select Twitter Posts by Amit Paranjape on August 18, 2009

Twitter is a great medium for sharing interesting thoughts, ideas and links. It is increasingly becoming the ‘micro-blogging’ platform of choice (Twitter postings are limited to 140 characters). However, I still see that many of my friends, colleagues and other readers who subscribe to my blog feeds, are not on twitter.

I am trying this new format on my blog, where I put up some of my select twitter postings (also called as ‘tweets’) as a weekly blog article. The topics will be across the board – but mostly along the lines of what I have in my blog – Random Thoughts, Technology, Pune, Current Affairs, Science, Cricket, India, Humor, etc.
Today, I am publishing the first such weekly article. Please provide your feedback on this new format and content. I will also continue to publish regular blog articles. If you are interested in learning more about twitter – please checkout and my brief article: What is Twitter? And why should one start using it?
Once you are onboard twitter, you can follow me at –
Note –  The normal web links are also stored in a smaller format (to save number of characters) in twitter posts. Simply click on those short links, and they will take you to the original link & webpage.
Here are some select twitter postings (tweets) from this week:
Imagine 200 people dying everyday from flu in Pune! Was a reality in the 1918 epidemic. Great article by Mandar Lawate in today’s Sakal #Marathi.
#pune #mumbai In not too distant future, its conceivable – Pune will use water from Mulshi (9 TMC) and Mumbai from Koyna (80 TMC storage).
#punewatercrisis Believe water from Mulshi, Koyna hydel projects goes into the sea – no significant irrigation use..?
#punewatercrisis Tough questions regarding water distribution – White paper on water supply demandedabout 
Know quite a few people in this category 🙂 ‘Mutation Tied to Need for Less Sleep Is Discovered’ via @nytimes
IBM looks to DNA to sustain Moore’s Law
A massive storm spotted on Saturn’s Moon – Titan…Presence of water? via @naturenews
Energy-Aware Internet Routing: Software that tracks electricity prices could slash energy
RT @TIME Nearly 90 percent of U.S. money contains traces of cocaine |
Wikipedia isn’t dying! Today, the English version published its three millionth article. via @NiemanLababout 20 hours ago from web
2009 H1N1 Pandemic – Global Statistics. Take a look at where India stands (especially proportional to its population)about 20 hours ago from web Great article by Dr T Jacob John – ‘India’s amateur handling of the H1N1 pandemic’about 23 hours ago from web
#pune Trivia – The Mulshi dam is owned by Tata Group and generates 150 MW of hydro-power at the plant at Bhira. It was built in 1927.2:09 PM Aug 17th from web
Didnt know that the great international architect Christopher Benninger, has been based out of Pune for nearly 3 decades! PM Aug 16th from web
Seeing this h1n1 induced hysteria in Pune, feel vindicated about my stand on the “Illiterate 21st Century Consumer” PM Aug 15th from web I wrote this last November…as relevant as ever! “Is TV News Making Us Dumb” also add print media to it!11:05 AM Aug 15th from web
Prices near 30 year highs… RT @TheEconomist Why the sugar price is soaring
Radical new simplified tax code draft unveiled by the Indian Govt:
WiMAX not really 4G: Ericcson CTO via @om
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