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Select Twitter Postings (Tweets) – Week of Aug 24 – Aug 31

Posted in Select Twitter Posts by Amit Paranjape on August 31, 2009

RT @CNETNews High-end server chips breaking records

RT @indianomics SMSGupShup has 22 million users in India. Much more than facebook, Twitter and orkut combined

A friend’s crossword got published in the premium puzzles section of the Sunday New York Times…!  

RT @googlenews Cheney says he would have attacked Iran over nukes, but Bush said no – New York Daily News 

Finally watched #TareZaminPar Agree with most reviews – it’s a great movie by Bollywood standards. Though just a ‘good’ movie globally. 

Nice article by Vivek Wadhwa. Doubt with 9.5% unemployment in US, Obama will listen 😦 Free the H-1Bs, Free the Economy

Funds between $ 500 billion – 1.4 trillion, belonging to Indians parked in safe havens abroad 

RT @HarvardHealth Fatigue may be a sign of depression. 20%-40% of people who seek help for ongoing fatigue suffer from depression or anxiety 

Good question! A decent amount..I think. RT @Cleartrip How much extra would you be willing to pay to watch television with no advertising? 

RIP Chandrayaan – India’s first moon mission was a great first step! RT @ndtv Radio contact with Chandrayaan-I spacecraft lost CNET: US Bill would give president emergency control of Internet A planet 10x of Jupiter and 50x closer its star, than earth-sun distance: Is it violating the laws of physics??

#punetraffic Really, Pune drivers need a crash(no pun intended) course in lane discipline! With the JM/FC Rd oneways, this is urgent.

Shikimic acid: found in a plant in China – main ingredient for producing Oseltamivir, active ingredient of Tamiflu

From that first oil well in Pennsylvania, we have come a long way… Happy 150th Birthday, Oil Drilling!

Test drove the New Laura 2.0 lt. Terrific car. Deriving from a @d7y quote – ‘its an epitome of understated luxury’

Only Onion can do this! RT @TheOnion ‘Kennedy Curse’ Claims Life Of 77-Year-Old Tumor-Riddled Binge-Drinker

Pune’s police commissioner started his blog on August 20, 2009:  via @punemirror

Comparing specs of @Toyotafortuner with Innova. No major difference except the 3L engine, 4W drive. Is it really worth nearly 2X price??

Good stats on oil consumption by country(2007)  India is at #6. US consumes nearly 25% of global demand

Interesting stats on the i10, City and other A/T models – Indians Opt for Automatic Variant  via @carazoo 

Amar Bhide (IIT Bombay Class of ’77) vs Roger Altman on CNBC debating the merit of Bernanke’s reappointment –

Great article – also very relevant to India ‘s healthcare system “Why primary care doctors are fed up”    

IISc is India’s No. 1 tech institute  followed by IIT Kanpur and IIT Bombay.

Agri Min.Pawar interview on CNBC. Irrespective of what one thinks of his politics…He is really impressive with statistics and his facts.

Staggering sugar statistics in India (annual) – Demand: 24 Million Tons. Domestic Supply this year: 15 Million Tons.

$1.15 billion Dallas Cowboys Stadium  Biggest stadium -accomodates 120,000 and has start-of-art 73 ft X 160 ft HDTVs

Arun Shourie: ‘..there’s a need for a resposible voice that respects intellect and stays away from sound-byte journalism..’ great interview!

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