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America’s Top Prescription Drugs

Posted in Healthcare & Medicine by Amit Paranjape on May 12, 2010


Wondering what the top prescription drugs are in America/Globally? Cholesterol lowering drugs? Antibiotics? Blood Pressure Medications? Anti-Depressants? Pain-Killers?

The Forbes Magazine recently published an interesting article America’s Most Popular Drugs that lists the top 15 most prescribed drugs in America. While many from my expected list showed up,  I thought that there were a few surprises (inclusions and omissions). For example, was surprised to not find a single anti-depressant in the top 15 list. Maybe because there are many different anti-depressants out there. I am sure that as a category, they will show up quite a high.

The top drug in the list is the pain-killer Vicodin.  Cholesterol reducing drugs, blood pressure medications show up in a large number in the top 15 list. So do a few of common antibiotics.

In a sense, this list gives an indirect overview of the types of common ailments, as well as the state of the health of the population. I wonder what such a list would look like in India/other countries. I think, in India more antibiotics might show up in the top drugs list.


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