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American Sports & Business Jargon

Posted in Current Affairs, Uncategorized by Amit Paranjape on June 26, 2010

Sports jargon is an integral part of the American business language (especially so, in the Sales Department). For someone who is new to the American business world, terms like ‘Basic blocking and tackling’ or ‘Hail Mary’ may not make any sense. These terms are derived from American Football, Basketball and Baseball (there are few from Ice Hockey and other sports as well). Here is an attempt to explain some of these terms … Please do add more terms as well as better explanations! I will expand the blog post with the additions.

 Brett Favre’s recent ‘Hail Mary’ pass

Drop the ball” (Origin: Football). Meaning: Make a (often silly, and avoidable) mistake. Usage: “Please, don’t drop the ball on that one <important project> !”.

“Hit it out of the park” (Origin: Baseball). Meaning: Register a big win/success. Usage: That was a terrific sales quarter… he just hit it out of the park!”.

“Basic blocking and tackling” (Origin: Football). Meaning: Taking care of the basics in any engagement/project. Usage: “You need to focus on the basic blocking and tackling here for this project .. forget all the fancy and cool stuff! “.

“Full Court Press” (Origin: Basketball). Meaning: Well planned, steady, aggressive plan of action. Usage: “Let’s get a full court press on this one…”.

“Punt it away” (Origin: Football).  Meaning: Just push it out for now..avoid it. Usage: “Just punt that away. We are not going to get involved in that opportunity”.

“Just take a wild swing at it” (Origin: Baseball) Meaning: Just venture a wild guess/try at something. Usage: “I have no idea! Just take a wild swing at that one.. and see what happens”.

“Hail Mary” (Origin: Football) Meaning: Try a near impossible long-shot attempt at something. Usage: “That’s a real tough opportunity… Oh well, let’s just try a Hail Mary!”

“Double Play” (Origin Baseball) Meaning: Get two successes in one attempt.

“Home Run” (Origin: Baseball) Meaning: A big win/success.

Why Doctors Hate Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)

Posted in Healthcare & Medicine, Information Technology by Amit Paranjape on June 22, 2010

Having studied the Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) space for a few years now, it’s clear to me that EMR adoption is a huge challenge. Even in developed markets like the US, successful implementation rates are pretty low (especially in small clinics). In spite of a huge Federal Government Incentive Program, the progress is gradual (at best).

In India the picture is a lot worse. My assessment is that EMR adoption here is in low single digits.

There are many theories and observations about why doctors dislike Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). One often discussed observation is that doctors are ‘technophobes’. I personally don’t think that’s true. On the contrary many doctors, whether in US or in India are ‘gadget freaks’ (when it comes to devices like new smartphones, laptops, cameras, etc.).

The primary issue is that of software usability. Many traditional EMR systems are quite complicated and difficult to use. These systems at times resemble heavy duty ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning IT Systems) that run the operations of large multi-million dollar corporations.  A small clinic doesn’t need all this complexity. These EMRs may actually end up hurting the efficiency of a clinic, rather than improve it. Also many of these systems do not enable interactions with patients for chronic disease management, e-consultation, telemedicine, etc.  Doctors are looking for simple systems that can improve their productivity, as well as support better patient care. In absence of these, they are perfectly ok going back to their old paper notes based methods.

I recently came across an excellent article in ‘The Journal of Surgical Radiology’ by Shahid Shah, Column: Why MDs Dread EMRs”. The author has done a great job of summarizing the major reasons that are hurdles to effective adoption. I encourage the readers to go through this article for a detailed insight into the real issues.

“Where are we to walk” – a great documentary about pedestrians in Pune

Posted in Current Affairs, Pune by Amit Paranjape on June 17, 2010
The rains are looking good this year. That’s great news for farmers and the increasingly water starved citizens of Pune. However for pedestrians and motorists, it’s a different story all together. With the onset of monsoon, the regular and ‘routine’ chaos increases many times over. Just a few days back, there was this tragic story about a person who lost his life after falling into the open cover of a water drain.
Often the pedestrians debate centers around the fact that we have too many vehicles. That is part of the problem(and a topic for a separate discussion around mass-transit, etc.) – but not the only issue. The big issue in my opinion, is the lack of basic planning and execution in the civic infrastructure. We see far too many footpaths, pedestrian walkways and crossings that are not well designed, partially built, encroached upon, broken up, etc.
Parisar Pune, I-CE, Alliance For Global Education and Janwani  helped create a great documentary (Here is some more background about this effort from about the state of the pedestrians in Pune. It captures the status and issues extremely well. The film was conceptualized and and shot by Susan Michet, an American Student, in May 2009. Here is the link to this documentary:

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KPIT Cummins/Bharat Forge announce a JV for hybrid vehicles technology

Posted in Cars, Science & Technology by Amit Paranjape on June 9, 2010

Ever since Toyota introduced the Prius in the 1990s, hybrid vehicles have become an exciting new development area in the Auto Industry. With ever increasing fuel prices and environment concerns, hybrid technology will increasingly play an important role in the automobile of the 21st century.

Hybrid vehicles use a combination of power from an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. The electric motor is powered by a battery, which is typically charged during braking and decceleration. The battery can also be directly charged from an external electric source (these vehicles are known as ‘plug-in hybrids’). Hybrid vehicles typically deliver significant double digit savings in fuel economy and emissions.

Last week Pune based KPIT Cummins and Bharat Forge announced a joint venture for the design and development of a plug-in hybrid solution. PuneTech interviewed KPIT Cummins SVP, Anup Sable, to learn more details about this. Here is a link to that interview: Interview with Anup Sable: KPIT Cummins/Bharat Forge develop hybrid car technology in Pune

Select Twitter Postings (Tweets) – Week of June 1

Posted in Select Twitter Posts by Amit Paranjape on June 7, 2010

After a gap of few months, I am hoping to continue posting my select few tweets (from ) here.

  • Urban India is also getting there | Nearly 1 in 3 U.S. children are overweight or obese… via @amednews 34 minutes ago via web
  • #Pune Impressed with IMD – they said June 7th – and guess they were right.. Monsoon’s here! 35 minutes ago
  • India markets corrected 2% today, after the big fall on Wall Street on Friday. Will we see BSE 16,000 before 17,000? about 3 hours ago via web
  • ForbesIndia It took Ajay Piramal 4 hours to negotiate a whopping $3.7 billion valuation with Abbott. Just how did he pull it off
  • From @the_hindu Is the nation in a coma? Europeans believe that Indian leaders are too blinded by new wealth … about 5 hours ago via web
  • #Dday: changed course of WW II. The events were depicted very well in the Hollywood Classic: Longest Day 3:59 PM Jun 6th via web
  • Today is the 66th anniversary of the “D Day” – landing of the allied forces on the beaches of Normandy in World War II 3:56 PM Jun 6th via web
  • #healthcare #medicine “Smallpox — The Death of a Disease (book excerpt) ” | via @amednews 3:14 PM Jun 6th via web
  • Good CNBC interview with @anandmahindra | via @brijwhiz 11:24 AM Jun 6th via web
  • #Pune On #WorldEnvironmentDay, one big success story worth highlighting is the decade old forestation drive on Law College Hills 5:51 PM Jun 5th via web
  • From HT Blogs — “Pawar is Pune that Pune knows nought” 12:05 PM Jun 5th via web
  • #healthcare #hypertension Nice educational website on blood-pressure/hypertension 11:50 AM Jun 5th via web
  • Reserve Bank of India (RBI) archival exhibition opened in #Pune 11:12 AM Jun 5th via web
  • Bharat Forge and KPIT Cummins develop a new plug-in hybrid tech solution for cars 12:58
  • Rocket built by private company SpaceX launched from Cape Canaveral – via @CNN 12:31 AM Jun 5th via web
  • Now – this is a true ‘hybrid’ engine (Petrol+Diesel) ! | Reinventing the Gasoline Engine via @techreview 3:43 PM Jun 4th via web
  • MIT’s Dean of Engg School – Subra Suresh tapped to lead the $7B National Science Foundation (NSF) | via @NatureNews 3:42 PM Jun 4th via web
  • #Pune BJP seeks scrapping of Pune Metro DPR #punetraffic 11:51 PM Jun 3rd via web
  • Indepth, grim piece in Rediff — How #Pune stopped being a pensioners paradise | via @centerofright 6:09 PM Jun 3rd via web
  • Hilarious & scary video 🙂 MustWatch! RT @RMantri Euro crisis explained: Martin Wolf(FT’s chief economics commentator) 4:43 PM Jun 3rd via web
  • #Pune #trivia What famous store is seen in the 1960s Raj Kapoor classic ‘Sangam’? Answer: Dorabjees 9:51 AM Jun 3rd via web
  • #Pune New blog post: “Pune Food Nostalgia – 1980s Favorites ” (updated) 9:45 AM Jun 3rd via web
  • Interesting range…India subscribers – Wireless: 600 M, Wireline: 37 M, Broadband: only 9M (this number needs to grow!) 9:40 PM Jun 1st via web
  • In other news, UK wants India to return Cricket 🙂 ..RT @timesofindia India wants UK to return Kohinoor 5:35 PM Jun 1st via web
  • #Pune New blog post: “Pune Food Nostalgia – 1980s Favorites PM Jun 1st via web
  • From @nytimes Cellphone in New Role: Loyalty Card – | via @hemantnmehta 10:13 AM Jun 1st via web
  • Sad to note – while world over trains have sped up many times over, #DeccanQueen now takes over 3.5 hrs (compared to 2.75 hrs, 80 yrs back) 9:18 AM Jun 1st via web
  • #Pune #Mumbai The historic #DeccanQueen train turns 81 today. Was inagurated as Asia’s fastest train in 1930. 9:17 AM Jun 1st via web
  • #joke Infosys,TCS,Wipro angry with BP … for bringing a bad name to ‘offshoring’ 12:35 AM Jun 1st via mobile
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