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Pune Food Nostalgia – 1980s Favorites

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Pune has always been a great place for foodies..for many decades. There are iconic restaurants, bakeries and stores like Cafe Good Luck, Vaishali, Dorabjees or Chitales – that have been favorites of many generations.

Here’s my personal favorite list from the 1980s… Many (if not all) are still very popular today. Unfortunately, some have shutdown. (Note – there are many others from that time frame as well..please add your comments; I will update the blog post)

Vaishali – The classic Pune favorite! Around since the 1960s. Famous for their South Indian and other snacks. Location: FC Road. Read more here:

Roopali – Vaishali’s sister restaurant. In addition to the popular Vaishali menu, they also serve a South Indian Thali and Rava Dosa. Location: FC Road.

Darshan – One of the first restaurants in Pune to introduce international fastfood cuisine to Pune (started in 1970s). Famous for a variety of dishes (Indian and Global Cuisine and Fruit Juices/Milk-Shakes). Location: Prabhat Road.

Marz-o-rin – The famous sandwich on M.G.Road. Located in an old historic building. Famous for a variety of sandwiches (must try – chicken sandwich), bakery items and shakes.

Pasteur Bakery – Famous for their cakes and pastries. Location: M.G. Road

Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale – The quintessential ‘Puneri’ store famous for milk-products, Mithai and other snacks (such as the legendary ‘Bakarwadi’). Locations: Laxmi Road, Deccan

Supreme Pizza  – One of the first places in Pune that offered Pizza (and have maintained that same consistent ‘Indian Pizza’ taste) since the early 1980s. Locations: J.M. Road, Prabhat Road

Santosh Bakery – Famous for Pattice, Cream-Rolls and other bakery items. Location: Apte Road

Hindustan Bakery – Famous for Pattice (originally available only on Sundays, later on available everyday). Location: Laxmi Road

Dorabjees (Store) – The store has been around since the 1920s. (Its entrance was featured in the Raj Kapoor’s 1960s hit movie ‘Sangam’). The store stocked a variety of international and hard to find food items for a long time. Location: Camp.

Dorabjees (Restaurant) –  Dorabjees is a small restaurant in the lane behind the famous Dorabjees Retail Store. Famous for their Biryani. Location: Camp. [Apparently, the Dorabjees Store and Restaurant are not related (not owned by the same family/group. Can someone validate?]

Kayani Bakery – Famous for their famous biscuits. Location: East Street.

Sujata Mastani – Made the ‘Mastani’ (Mango milkshake with mango icecream) famous! Location: Sadashiv Peth, near Bharat Natya Mandir

Bedekar Misal – One of the top ‘Misal’ places in Pune..around for over 50 years. Location: Laxmi Road

Janaseva – Famous for their ‘Sabudana Kichadi’ and ‘Kharvas’ and many other items. Location: Laxmi Road

Appa’s Canteen Deccan Gymkhana – One of the oldest canteens that is still functional (around for 70+ years). Famous for their ‘Khichadi Kakdi’, ‘Batata Vada’ and other items. Location: Deccan Gymkhana Sports Club

Deccan Queen Dining Car – Famous for their unique menu items (dating back to the 1930s/1940s..) – Scrambled Eggs, Chicken Cutlet, Fried Fish, Baked Beans/Toast, etc. Unfortunately, the Dining Car was discontinued a few years back (replaced by a Pantry Car).

Kukuckuku Chicken – One of the early restaurants in the Deccan Area that offered various types of Chicken dishes – Tandoori Chicken, Butter Chicken, Soups, Sandwiches, etc. Location: Deccan Gymkhana.

Baker’s Basket – Introduced in the mid 1980s brought a variety of cakes, pastries’ and baked items (many for the first time …) to Pune. Locations: Multiple locations across the city

Shreyas – Famous for their Maharashtrian Food. Location: Apte Road.

Shabri – Famous for their Maharashtrian Food. Location: F.C. Road.

Sapna – Famous for their Gujrati Food. Location: J.M. Road

Chinese Room Oriental – One of the first places in Pune to specialize in Chinese food. Location: Karve Road

Jayashree PavBhaji – One of the early Pav Bhaji and Juice specialists. Location: Tilak Road (near Sarasbag).

Khyber – Famous for Punjabi food/Tandoor – one of the earliest places in Deccan Gymkhana area (since 1960s)

Kwality – Punjabi and Continental (around since 1960s). Location: East Street


Mona Foods – Famous for their Chana Bhatoras. Location M.G. Road

Coffee House – Famous for their British Menu (dated back to 1930s) – Fish & Chips, Mutton Cutlet, etc. Shutdown in 1980s and was replaced by a South Indian Snacks restaurant (quite popular) with the same name. Location: Camp

Amir Hotel (Peshwa Inn) – One of the best fine multi-cuisine restaurants in Pune of the 1970s/80s. Unfortunately the hotel was shut down in the 1990s.  Was located near Pune Station.

Blue Diamond – Great multi-cuisine restaurant (Ashwamedh) and coffee shop –  back when Pune had only one 5 Star Hotel! The restaurant has since been replaced by a couple of other ones.

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