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Cricket – 3 different formats, or 3 different games? Will ‘ODI’ format survive?

Posted in Cricket by Amit Paranjape on October 30, 2013

Seriously amazing batting by Virat Kohli today at Nagpur…. However, this ODI format is getting way too batsmen friendly. We already have T20 format which is heavily loaded against bowlers… ODI shouldn’t go that way..should at least maintain some balance. If ODIs continue this way with routine 350+ scores, we are heading to another different format of cricket (like T20).

May be we are heading to 3 different games: Cricket-1 (Tests, Traditional 1st Class), Cricket-2 (ODI), Cricket-3 (T20).

I enjoy all three formats, but would prefer some changes in ‘Cricket-2’.

The ‘Cricket-2’ format, to survive and be viable needs to be different from ‘Cricket-1’ and ‘Cricket-3’. It is already quite different from ‘Cricket-1’, but that is not the problem. The issue is that it is increasingly moving nearer towards ‘Cricket-3’. ‘Cricket-2’ cannot be two back-to-back T20 games! It needs to go back to the way it was a few years back.

May be we are headed to a scenario where ‘Cricket-2’ will just disappear amidst competition from ‘Cricket-1’ and ‘Cricket-3’. What do you think?

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  1. Narayan Venkatasubramanyan said, on October 31, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    perhaps the perspective of someone who has become reacquainted with cricket after a long hiatus may help …

    watching T20 and ODI, i get the impression that the game has changed tremendously in the last 25 years. batting today is nothing like what i remember. watching these kids charging down the pitch before the ball is released (even when the ball is coming at them at near 100mph) is mind-blowing. but when you shift perspective, you have to admit that it must really screw with the bowler’s head. the poor guy has no idea how long the pitch is! this is why once the batsman gets going, the bowlers are just helpless spectators. bowlers have tried innovating — ashwin’s stop-motion action is the most obvious response to batsmen who move around like boxers — but they’ve just not kept up with how much batting has improved.

    and the pitches and balls haven’t helped. neither of them seem to work for the bowler. don’t balls age the way they used to? something isn’t working the way it used to, neither for spinners nor for medium pacers who could move the old ball. i can’t help feeling sorry for bowlers in day-night games that are struggling in a flat surface with a ball that is slippery from evening dew. no wonder ODIs have turned into batting slugfests.

    all in all, the balance has shifted so much that the ODI is becoming like a stretch version of the T20. i think the only real solution to saving ODI is better surfaces. the bowlers need something more if ODI is to survive. if not, it will wither away as a version that is too long for a short-attention-span audience.

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