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Select Twitter Postings (Tweets) – Week of June 1

Posted in Select Twitter Posts by Amit Paranjape on June 7, 2010

After a gap of few months, I am hoping to continue posting my select few tweets (from ) here.

  • Urban India is also getting there | Nearly 1 in 3 U.S. children are overweight or obese… via @amednews 34 minutes ago via web
  • #Pune Impressed with IMD – they said June 7th – and guess they were right.. Monsoon’s here! 35 minutes ago
  • India markets corrected 2% today, after the big fall on Wall Street on Friday. Will we see BSE 16,000 before 17,000? about 3 hours ago via web
  • ForbesIndia It took Ajay Piramal 4 hours to negotiate a whopping $3.7 billion valuation with Abbott. Just how did he pull it off
  • From @the_hindu Is the nation in a coma? Europeans believe that Indian leaders are too blinded by new wealth … about 5 hours ago via web
  • #Dday: changed course of WW II. The events were depicted very well in the Hollywood Classic: Longest Day 3:59 PM Jun 6th via web
  • Today is the 66th anniversary of the “D Day” – landing of the allied forces on the beaches of Normandy in World War II 3:56 PM Jun 6th via web
  • #healthcare #medicine “Smallpox — The Death of a Disease (book excerpt) ” | via @amednews 3:14 PM Jun 6th via web
  • Good CNBC interview with @anandmahindra | via @brijwhiz 11:24 AM Jun 6th via web
  • #Pune On #WorldEnvironmentDay, one big success story worth highlighting is the decade old forestation drive on Law College Hills 5:51 PM Jun 5th via web
  • From HT Blogs — “Pawar is Pune that Pune knows nought” 12:05 PM Jun 5th via web
  • #healthcare #hypertension Nice educational website on blood-pressure/hypertension 11:50 AM Jun 5th via web
  • Reserve Bank of India (RBI) archival exhibition opened in #Pune 11:12 AM Jun 5th via web
  • Bharat Forge and KPIT Cummins develop a new plug-in hybrid tech solution for cars 12:58
  • Rocket built by private company SpaceX launched from Cape Canaveral – via @CNN 12:31 AM Jun 5th via web
  • Now – this is a true ‘hybrid’ engine (Petrol+Diesel) ! | Reinventing the Gasoline Engine via @techreview 3:43 PM Jun 4th via web
  • MIT’s Dean of Engg School – Subra Suresh tapped to lead the $7B National Science Foundation (NSF) | via @NatureNews 3:42 PM Jun 4th via web
  • #Pune BJP seeks scrapping of Pune Metro DPR #punetraffic 11:51 PM Jun 3rd via web
  • Indepth, grim piece in Rediff — How #Pune stopped being a pensioners paradise | via @centerofright 6:09 PM Jun 3rd via web
  • Hilarious & scary video 🙂 MustWatch! RT @RMantri Euro crisis explained: Martin Wolf(FT’s chief economics commentator) 4:43 PM Jun 3rd via web
  • #Pune #trivia What famous store is seen in the 1960s Raj Kapoor classic ‘Sangam’? Answer: Dorabjees 9:51 AM Jun 3rd via web
  • #Pune New blog post: “Pune Food Nostalgia – 1980s Favorites ” (updated) 9:45 AM Jun 3rd via web
  • Interesting range…India subscribers – Wireless: 600 M, Wireline: 37 M, Broadband: only 9M (this number needs to grow!) 9:40 PM Jun 1st via web
  • In other news, UK wants India to return Cricket 🙂 ..RT @timesofindia India wants UK to return Kohinoor 5:35 PM Jun 1st via web
  • #Pune New blog post: “Pune Food Nostalgia – 1980s Favorites PM Jun 1st via web
  • From @nytimes Cellphone in New Role: Loyalty Card – | via @hemantnmehta 10:13 AM Jun 1st via web
  • Sad to note – while world over trains have sped up many times over, #DeccanQueen now takes over 3.5 hrs (compared to 2.75 hrs, 80 yrs back) 9:18 AM Jun 1st via web
  • #Pune #Mumbai The historic #DeccanQueen train turns 81 today. Was inagurated as Asia’s fastest train in 1930. 9:17 AM Jun 1st via web
  • #joke Infosys,TCS,Wipro angry with BP … for bringing a bad name to ‘offshoring’ 12:35 AM Jun 1st via mobile
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    Select Twitter Postings (Tweets) – Week of Aug 24 – Aug 31

    Posted in Select Twitter Posts by Amit Paranjape on August 31, 2009

    RT @CNETNews High-end server chips breaking records

    RT @indianomics SMSGupShup has 22 million users in India. Much more than facebook, Twitter and orkut combined

    A friend’s crossword got published in the premium puzzles section of the Sunday New York Times…!  

    RT @googlenews Cheney says he would have attacked Iran over nukes, but Bush said no – New York Daily News 

    Finally watched #TareZaminPar Agree with most reviews – it’s a great movie by Bollywood standards. Though just a ‘good’ movie globally. 

    Nice article by Vivek Wadhwa. Doubt with 9.5% unemployment in US, Obama will listen 😦 Free the H-1Bs, Free the Economy

    Funds between $ 500 billion – 1.4 trillion, belonging to Indians parked in safe havens abroad 

    RT @HarvardHealth Fatigue may be a sign of depression. 20%-40% of people who seek help for ongoing fatigue suffer from depression or anxiety 

    Good question! A decent amount..I think. RT @Cleartrip How much extra would you be willing to pay to watch television with no advertising? 

    RIP Chandrayaan – India’s first moon mission was a great first step! RT @ndtv Radio contact with Chandrayaan-I spacecraft lost CNET: US Bill would give president emergency control of Internet A planet 10x of Jupiter and 50x closer its star, than earth-sun distance: Is it violating the laws of physics??

    #punetraffic Really, Pune drivers need a crash(no pun intended) course in lane discipline! With the JM/FC Rd oneways, this is urgent.

    Shikimic acid: found in a plant in China – main ingredient for producing Oseltamivir, active ingredient of Tamiflu

    From that first oil well in Pennsylvania, we have come a long way… Happy 150th Birthday, Oil Drilling!

    Test drove the New Laura 2.0 lt. Terrific car. Deriving from a @d7y quote – ‘its an epitome of understated luxury’

    Only Onion can do this! RT @TheOnion ‘Kennedy Curse’ Claims Life Of 77-Year-Old Tumor-Riddled Binge-Drinker

    Pune’s police commissioner started his blog on August 20, 2009:  via @punemirror

    Comparing specs of @Toyotafortuner with Innova. No major difference except the 3L engine, 4W drive. Is it really worth nearly 2X price??

    Good stats on oil consumption by country(2007)  India is at #6. US consumes nearly 25% of global demand

    Interesting stats on the i10, City and other A/T models – Indians Opt for Automatic Variant  via @carazoo 

    Amar Bhide (IIT Bombay Class of ’77) vs Roger Altman on CNBC debating the merit of Bernanke’s reappointment –

    Great article – also very relevant to India ‘s healthcare system “Why primary care doctors are fed up”    

    IISc is India’s No. 1 tech institute  followed by IIT Kanpur and IIT Bombay.

    Agri Min.Pawar interview on CNBC. Irrespective of what one thinks of his politics…He is really impressive with statistics and his facts.

    Staggering sugar statistics in India (annual) – Demand: 24 Million Tons. Domestic Supply this year: 15 Million Tons.

    $1.15 billion Dallas Cowboys Stadium  Biggest stadium -accomodates 120,000 and has start-of-art 73 ft X 160 ft HDTVs

    Arun Shourie: ‘..there’s a need for a resposible voice that respects intellect and stays away from sound-byte journalism..’ great interview!

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    Select Twitter Postings (Tweets) – Week of Aug 17 – Aug 24

    Posted in Select Twitter Posts by Amit Paranjape on August 24, 2009

    Nokia joins the netbook race with the Booklet 3G: 10 inches, 1.25 kg, 12 hour battery life, HDMI out

    Latest WHO stance puts them at odds with various countries RT @Naturenews WHO: no drugs for healthy H1N1 victims

    @PritishNandy Air India is in a huge mess. Only positive ending for it would be if Tata buy it back for Rs.1…and turn it around!

    CNBC – Fortis to acquire 10 Hospitals (total apprx 2000 beds) from Wockhardt for around 900 Crores.

    Pune, doesn’t showup. Delhi at #1 RT @ Cleartrip India’s top 10 hotel destinations:

    Interesting stat ! RT @AlooTechie 34% of reserved rail tickets in India are sold online: IRCTC

    Don’t come fishing for account details: Swiss banks to India

     #punetraffic Large number of vehicles breaking the JM Road oneway rule at around 11pm tonite. Very dangerous!

     #punetraffic Always impressed by the NH4 highway stretch from CME to Akurdi in PCMC. IMO, Pune needs such highways; and not BRTS!!

    Foreigners Attending US Grad Schools Way Down: Wake Up, Xenophobes via @TechCrunch

     #ashes @BumbleCricket ‘s nickname for Nassir Hussain is Putin 🙂 Uncanny resemblance! Checkout: Putin looks at pitch

     Humans And Chimpanzees Genetically More Similar Than One Yeast Variety Is To Another

     Pune Media: For once, you can print something positive about #punetraffic – JM/FC Road oneway plan(its great!) instead of finding flaws…

     #h1n1 Lot more people die of TB in India. Precaution list is same! (Hand-washing, masks when near patients, etc..etc.) How many follow it??

    RT @PritishNandy If Indira’s Parsi husband was a Toddywalla, not a Gandhi would India’s political history be different? Shashi Tharoor(1997)

    Rediff – How India secretly helped Lanka destroy the LTTE via @amahajani

    Jon Stewart and Asif Mandavi at their best 🙂 …. cover the #SRK incident at Newark Airport via @adityakuber

    I was worried about hypochondria, now add OCD to that list 🙂 After swine flu, is OCD gripping Pune?

    Has anyone noticed that these ‘luxury’ Mumbai-Pune private busses are often the most polluting, and probably really badly maintained!

    RT @PritishNandy The way the BJP’s going, soon there’ll be no Opposition in Parliament.There will only be 2 parties: Pro-Mukesh vs Pro-Anil Warren Buffett’s oped in NY Times – ‘The Greenback Effect’ – Strikes a cautious note…

     Mumbai, Pune make it but some startling omissions RT @trakin 10 Wealthiest Cities in India: Any Guesses?

     Wondering – In future, what would you rather have from the Mulshi reservoir: 150 MW of power, or about 80% of Pune’s water needs?!

     Was suspected for a while, but now some proof? ‘Found: first amino acid on a comet’

     Just CANNOT imagine Favre playing AGAINST Packers on Moday Night! Why?? Source: Favre to sign with Vikings

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    Select Twitter Postings (Tweets) – Week of Aug 12

    Posted in Select Twitter Posts by Amit Paranjape on August 18, 2009

    Twitter is a great medium for sharing interesting thoughts, ideas and links. It is increasingly becoming the ‘micro-blogging’ platform of choice (Twitter postings are limited to 140 characters). However, I still see that many of my friends, colleagues and other readers who subscribe to my blog feeds, are not on twitter.

    I am trying this new format on my blog, where I put up some of my select twitter postings (also called as ‘tweets’) as a weekly blog article. The topics will be across the board – but mostly along the lines of what I have in my blog – Random Thoughts, Technology, Pune, Current Affairs, Science, Cricket, India, Humor, etc.
    Today, I am publishing the first such weekly article. Please provide your feedback on this new format and content. I will also continue to publish regular blog articles. If you are interested in learning more about twitter – please checkout and my brief article: What is Twitter? And why should one start using it?
    Once you are onboard twitter, you can follow me at –
    Note –  The normal web links are also stored in a smaller format (to save number of characters) in twitter posts. Simply click on those short links, and they will take you to the original link & webpage.
    Here are some select twitter postings (tweets) from this week:
    Imagine 200 people dying everyday from flu in Pune! Was a reality in the 1918 epidemic. Great article by Mandar Lawate in today’s Sakal #Marathi.
    #pune #mumbai In not too distant future, its conceivable – Pune will use water from Mulshi (9 TMC) and Mumbai from Koyna (80 TMC storage).
    #punewatercrisis Believe water from Mulshi, Koyna hydel projects goes into the sea – no significant irrigation use..?
    #punewatercrisis Tough questions regarding water distribution – White paper on water supply demandedabout 
    Know quite a few people in this category 🙂 ‘Mutation Tied to Need for Less Sleep Is Discovered’ via @nytimes
    IBM looks to DNA to sustain Moore’s Law
    A massive storm spotted on Saturn’s Moon – Titan…Presence of water? via @naturenews
    Energy-Aware Internet Routing: Software that tracks electricity prices could slash energy
    RT @TIME Nearly 90 percent of U.S. money contains traces of cocaine |
    Wikipedia isn’t dying! Today, the English version published its three millionth article. via @NiemanLababout 20 hours ago from web
    2009 H1N1 Pandemic – Global Statistics. Take a look at where India stands (especially proportional to its population)about 20 hours ago from web
    Great article by Dr T Jacob John – ‘India’s amateur handling of the H1N1 pandemic’about 23 hours ago from web
    #pune Trivia – The Mulshi dam is owned by Tata Group and generates 150 MW of hydro-power at the plant at Bhira. It was built in 1927.2:09 PM Aug 17th from web
    Didnt know that the great international architect Christopher Benninger, has been based out of Pune for nearly 3 decades! PM Aug 16th from web
    Seeing this h1n1 induced hysteria in Pune, feel vindicated about my stand on the “Illiterate 21st Century Consumer” PM Aug 15th from web
    I wrote this last November…as relevant as ever! “Is TV News Making Us Dumb” also add print media to it!11:05 AM Aug 15th from web
    Prices near 30 year highs… RT @TheEconomist Why the sugar price is soaring
    Radical new simplified tax code draft unveiled by the Indian Govt:
    WiMAX not really 4G: Ericcson CTO via @om
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