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Optimization In Real World

Posted in Information Technology, Science & Technology, Supply Chain Management by Amit Paranjape on May 12, 2009

We recently featured a multi-part series on PuneTech (an online tech community that I am actively involved in) regarding “Optimization in real world”. The primary aim of this series was to explain the esoteric world of ‘Optimization’ in simple layman terms. I am including a set of links for these articles below.

Note that in the past, PuneTech has also published some introductory articles on Supply Chain Management (SCM) and the optimization & decision support challenges involved in various real world SCM problems.

It was an honor to have Dr. Narayan Venkatasubramanyan, an Optimization Guru and one of the original pioneers in applying Optimization to Supply Chain Management, as a contributor for PuneTech. Who better to write about ‘Optimization in the real world’ than Narayan! I had the privilege of working closely with Narayan at i2 Technologies in Dallas for nearly 10 years.

Here are the links to the 4 articles:

Optimization: A case study

Architecture of a decision-support system

Optimization and Organizational Readiness for Change

Optimization: A technical overview

I have also included a brief excerpt from Narayan’s first article, giving some background about this series:

“the following entry was prompted by a request for an article on the topic of “optimization” for publication in, a website co-founded by amit paranjape, a friend and former colleague. for reasons that may have something to do with the fact that i’ve made a living for a couple of decades as a practitioner of that dark art known as optimization, he felt that i was best qualified to write about the subject for an audience that was technically savvy but not necessarily aware of the application of optimization. it took me a while to overcome my initial reluctance: is there really an audience for this after all, even my daughter feigns disgust every time i bring up the topic of what i do. after some thought, i accepted the challenge as long as i could take a slightly unusual approach to a “technical” topic: i decided to personalize it by rooting in a personal-professional experience. i could then branch off into a variety of different aspects of that experience, some technical, some not so much. read on ….”

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How Did ‘Maha’ DeshMart Survive The Economic Slowdown And Thrive

Posted in Information Technology, Retail Management, Science & Technology, Supply Chain Management by Amit Paranjape on January 14, 2009

I recently published an article on Retail SCM (Supply Chain Management) in The article discusses the key SCM Business Process Workflows in a typical Retailer. It also highlights some of the critical challenges, management best practices and policies. The article talks about a story of an India based retailer ‘Maha’ DeshMart.

‘Maha’ DeshMart is a large (fictional) supermarket chain with a pan-India presence. Special emphasis is put on the importance of ‘Information Technology’ and how it enables ‘Maha’ DeshMart to run one of the most efficient Supply Chain & Operations. Benchmarking is also done with global industry leaders such as Wal-Mart. 2008 represented a challenging year and we will take a look at how specific Supply Chain Processes and the other aspects of Retail Operations react to the global economic challenges, and can still deliver on the overall goals and objectives of the company. This fictional story about the fictional ‘Maha’ DeshMart is in continuation of PuneTech’s series of articles on Supply Chain Management.

To view the complete article, please click here, “How did ‘Maha’ DeshMart Survive the Economic Slowdown and Thrive”

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An Insider’s View Into Consumer Goods Supply Chain

Posted in Information Technology, Supply Chain Management by Amit Paranjape on December 7, 2008


I recently wrote an article  for PuneTech on the inner workings of a consumer goods supply chain, and how various business processes and software solutions work in concert in dealing with various challenges.


This is a story of ‘Star Glucose Biscuits’, an iconic brand manufactured by Star Biscuits India. The story starts off with a packet of ‘Star Glucose Biscuits’ in ‘SuperMart’ on FC Road in Pune, and traces the journey from the factory through the supply chain to the store. Various real world business challenges are thrown into the mix, as we see if the biscuits reach the customer in time for special T20 World Cup Promotion.



To access the original article, please click here. This is a slightly longer article and goes into the depth of explaining multiple business processes. Please note that this article’s primary audience consists of people who are not intimately familiar with Supply Chain Management. 


Feedback, comments and suggestions are welcome.



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Supply Chain Management Overview (PuneTech Article)

Posted in Information Technology, Supply Chain Management by Amit Paranjape on November 13, 2008

Recently, I wrote an article on Supply Chain Management for, an online community that I am actively involved with. PuneTech was founded earlier this year by Navin Kabra.


PuneTech is a community portal exclusively focused on the innovative IT companies and startups in Pune. The primary objective of this initiative is to enable closer collaboration and knowledge sharing between technology professionals and companies. The ultimate long term goal is to help in creating a sustainable startup technology ecosystem in Pune.


PuneTech provides daily updates on various technology related happenings in Pune, with specific focus on new products and innovation. It also has a wiki where companies can update their profiles. PuneTech also works in close conjunction with other Startup Community and IT initiatives in Pune.


One sense I got after interacting with many IT experts here, was that their focus is more on pure technology and less on the business problem domain that many application software solutions eventually aim to solve. Hence I thought of writing a brief series of articles that provide a high level overview on specific application software domain – Supply Chain Management (SCM).  To access this first article in the series, click here. This article provides an overview of SCM and provides some information on SCM Software Development in Pune. Future articles will dig deeper in specific application areas of SCM.



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