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An Insider’s View Into Consumer Goods Supply Chain

Posted in Information Technology, Supply Chain Management by Amit Paranjape on December 7, 2008


I recently wrote an article  for PuneTech on the inner workings of a consumer goods supply chain, and how various business processes and software solutions work in concert in dealing with various challenges.


This is a story of ‘Star Glucose Biscuits’, an iconic brand manufactured by Star Biscuits India. The story starts off with a packet of ‘Star Glucose Biscuits’ in ‘SuperMart’ on FC Road in Pune, and traces the journey from the factory through the supply chain to the store. Various real world business challenges are thrown into the mix, as we see if the biscuits reach the customer in time for special T20 World Cup Promotion.



To access the original article, please click here. This is a slightly longer article and goes into the depth of explaining multiple business processes. Please note that this article’s primary audience consists of people who are not intimately familiar with Supply Chain Management. 


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