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Fascinating story of how Lipitor almost didn’t make it; but eventually became world’s biggest blockbuster drug

Posted in Current Affairs, Healthcare & Medicine by Amit Paranjape on December 28, 2011

Lipitor has been the biggest blockbuster drug till date with sales of over $120 Billion over the past 14 years. It recently came off patent.

I came across this great article by Linda A. Johnson in Associated Press – “Against odds, Lipitor became world’s top seller”, that chronicles the story of how this drug almost didn’t make it. It was not the first statin on the market. However, early trials showed results that were significantly better than the existing peers. The article also discusses the extensive use of marketing (targeted to the consumers and doctors).  To quote a line from the article: “The Lipitor promotion team set new standards for a marketing campaign.”

One wonders if the pharma industry would ever again see such a massive success. Do read the full article, click here.

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