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Pune – A Global Leader In Green/Alternative Energy R&D – List Of Key Players

Posted in Pune, Science & Technology by Amit Paranjape on March 16, 2010

Solar Thermal (Image Credit: Wikipedia)


Call it by whatever name: Green Energy /Sustainable Solutions /Cleantech /Alternative Energy /etc. The quest for environment friendly, cheap and renewable energy is probably the most important technology problems of the 21st century.

Wind Turbine (Image Credit: Wikipedia)


  Various options are being under development for a few decades but still all of these put together constitute a small percentage (in most countries – single digit) of total energy consumption. These options include: Wind, Bio-Fuels, Solar Photo-Voltaics, Solar-Thermal, Geo-Thermal, Tidal Power, etc. The only renewable energy form that has been used effectively(in non-trivial amounts) is hydel power.        

In this brief blog, I am attempting to capture a list of interesting companies and R&D organizations in Pune that are involved in these fields. Would appreciate any inputs (and details) on companies/organizations that you are aware of, and that are not listed in here. Please add them as comments, and I will consolidate them into this blog post.        

Praj Industries        

Praj is a global leader in  bio-ethanol, bio-diesel, etc. Their R&D work is focused on improving the chemical processes for synthesizing these fuels. Here is a brief write-up by PuneTech’s Navin Kabra about a visit to the Praj R&D Center: Praj Matrix – world class bio/chem/engineering research facility in Pune        


Thermax has been an important Indian (as well as global) player in Thermal Engineering for many decades. Their focus includes Solar Thermal, Geo-Thermal, Waste-Heat Recycling and related areas.        

Suzlon Energy        

Suzlon Energy is amongst the top wind power companies in the world. Headquartered and founded here in Pune, it has a global presence in Europe, North America, Australia and in many other countries.        

National Chemical Laboratory        

National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) is the premier research institution in India (and one of the top ones globally), involved in R&D in chemistry and chemical engineering. Their work includes research on bio-fuels, associated enzymes, etc.        


BAIF, based in Urali Kanchan near Pune has been at the forefront of sustainable rural development for many decades. Here is a list of their research areas:    


First 180 Days of Blogging

Posted in Uncategorized by Amit Paranjape on April 4, 2009

This week, I completed 6 months of blogging. Has been a very interesting experience, and I strongly urge y’all (as they say in Texas J ) to try your hand at it.


Thanks for all your feedback, comments and support. Keep it coming!


Special thanks to PuneTech’s founder  for getting me started with this.

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PuneTech completes its first year

Posted in Information Technology, Pune, Science & Technology by Amit Paranjape on March 6, 2009

PuneTech completes its first year today. We have come a long way since March 6 2008, thanks to the great efforts of its founder Navin Kabra, and the enthusiastic support of the PuneTech Community. Going forward, it is critical to get the word out regarding this effort and drive even more participation. With these goals in mind, we have featured two articles on PuneTech today. 


PuneTech is One – Give us a birthday gift, spread the word


Spread PuneTech – tell your friends why you like PuneTech


Your feedback on PuneTech’s progress and objectives going forward would be very helpful…. And any help in evangelizing PuneTech would be great!



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Supply Chain Management Overview (PuneTech Article)

Posted in Information Technology, Supply Chain Management by Amit Paranjape on November 13, 2008

Recently, I wrote an article on Supply Chain Management for, an online community that I am actively involved with. PuneTech was founded earlier this year by Navin Kabra.


PuneTech is a community portal exclusively focused on the innovative IT companies and startups in Pune. The primary objective of this initiative is to enable closer collaboration and knowledge sharing between technology professionals and companies. The ultimate long term goal is to help in creating a sustainable startup technology ecosystem in Pune.


PuneTech provides daily updates on various technology related happenings in Pune, with specific focus on new products and innovation. It also has a wiki where companies can update their profiles. PuneTech also works in close conjunction with other Startup Community and IT initiatives in Pune.


One sense I got after interacting with many IT experts here, was that their focus is more on pure technology and less on the business problem domain that many application software solutions eventually aim to solve. Hence I thought of writing a brief series of articles that provide a high level overview on specific application software domain – Supply Chain Management (SCM).  To access this first article in the series, click here. This article provides an overview of SCM and provides some information on SCM Software Development in Pune. Future articles will dig deeper in specific application areas of SCM.



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