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Select Twitter Postings (Tweets) – Week of June 1

Posted in Select Twitter Posts by Amit Paranjape on June 7, 2010

After a gap of few months, I am hoping to continue posting my select few tweets (from ) here.

  • Urban India is also getting there | Nearly 1 in 3 U.S. children are overweight or obese… via @amednews 34 minutes ago via web
  • #Pune Impressed with IMD – they said June 7th – and guess they were right.. Monsoon’s here! 35 minutes ago
  • India markets corrected 2% today, after the big fall on Wall Street on Friday. Will we see BSE 16,000 before 17,000? about 3 hours ago via web
  • ForbesIndia It took Ajay Piramal 4 hours to negotiate a whopping $3.7 billion valuation with Abbott. Just how did he pull it off
  • From @the_hindu Is the nation in a coma? Europeans believe that Indian leaders are too blinded by new wealth … about 5 hours ago via web
  • #Dday: changed course of WW II. The events were depicted very well in the Hollywood Classic: Longest Day 3:59 PM Jun 6th via web
  • Today is the 66th anniversary of the “D Day” – landing of the allied forces on the beaches of Normandy in World War II 3:56 PM Jun 6th via web
  • #healthcare #medicine “Smallpox — The Death of a Disease (book excerpt) ” | via @amednews 3:14 PM Jun 6th via web
  • Good CNBC interview with @anandmahindra | via @brijwhiz 11:24 AM Jun 6th via web
  • #Pune On #WorldEnvironmentDay, one big success story worth highlighting is the decade old forestation drive on Law College Hills 5:51 PM Jun 5th via web
  • From HT Blogs — “Pawar is Pune that Pune knows nought” 12:05 PM Jun 5th via web
  • #healthcare #hypertension Nice educational website on blood-pressure/hypertension 11:50 AM Jun 5th via web
  • Reserve Bank of India (RBI) archival exhibition opened in #Pune 11:12 AM Jun 5th via web
  • Bharat Forge and KPIT Cummins develop a new plug-in hybrid tech solution for cars 12:58
  • Rocket built by private company SpaceX launched from Cape Canaveral – via @CNN 12:31 AM Jun 5th via web
  • Now – this is a true ‘hybrid’ engine (Petrol+Diesel) ! | Reinventing the Gasoline Engine via @techreview 3:43 PM Jun 4th via web
  • MIT’s Dean of Engg School – Subra Suresh tapped to lead the $7B National Science Foundation (NSF) | via @NatureNews 3:42 PM Jun 4th via web
  • #Pune BJP seeks scrapping of Pune Metro DPR #punetraffic 11:51 PM Jun 3rd via web
  • Indepth, grim piece in Rediff — How #Pune stopped being a pensioners paradise | via @centerofright 6:09 PM Jun 3rd via web
  • Hilarious & scary video 🙂 MustWatch! RT @RMantri Euro crisis explained: Martin Wolf(FT’s chief economics commentator) 4:43 PM Jun 3rd via web
  • #Pune #trivia What famous store is seen in the 1960s Raj Kapoor classic ‘Sangam’? Answer: Dorabjees 9:51 AM Jun 3rd via web
  • #Pune New blog post: “Pune Food Nostalgia – 1980s Favorites ” (updated) 9:45 AM Jun 3rd via web
  • Interesting range…India subscribers – Wireless: 600 M, Wireline: 37 M, Broadband: only 9M (this number needs to grow!) 9:40 PM Jun 1st via web
  • In other news, UK wants India to return Cricket 🙂 ..RT @timesofindia India wants UK to return Kohinoor 5:35 PM Jun 1st via web
  • #Pune New blog post: “Pune Food Nostalgia – 1980s Favorites PM Jun 1st via web
  • From @nytimes Cellphone in New Role: Loyalty Card – | via @hemantnmehta 10:13 AM Jun 1st via web
  • Sad to note – while world over trains have sped up many times over, #DeccanQueen now takes over 3.5 hrs (compared to 2.75 hrs, 80 yrs back) 9:18 AM Jun 1st via web
  • #Pune #Mumbai The historic #DeccanQueen train turns 81 today. Was inagurated as Asia’s fastest train in 1930. 9:17 AM Jun 1st via web
  • #joke Infosys,TCS,Wipro angry with BP … for bringing a bad name to ‘offshoring’ 12:35 AM Jun 1st via mobile
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    Select Twitter Postings (Tweets) – Week of Aug 17 – Aug 24

    Posted in Select Twitter Posts by Amit Paranjape on August 24, 2009

    Nokia joins the netbook race with the Booklet 3G: 10 inches, 1.25 kg, 12 hour battery life, HDMI out

    Latest WHO stance puts them at odds with various countries RT @Naturenews WHO: no drugs for healthy H1N1 victims

    @PritishNandy Air India is in a huge mess. Only positive ending for it would be if Tata buy it back for Rs.1…and turn it around!

    CNBC – Fortis to acquire 10 Hospitals (total apprx 2000 beds) from Wockhardt for around 900 Crores.

    Pune, doesn’t showup. Delhi at #1 RT @ Cleartrip India’s top 10 hotel destinations:

    Interesting stat ! RT @AlooTechie 34% of reserved rail tickets in India are sold online: IRCTC

    Don’t come fishing for account details: Swiss banks to India

     #punetraffic Large number of vehicles breaking the JM Road oneway rule at around 11pm tonite. Very dangerous!

     #punetraffic Always impressed by the NH4 highway stretch from CME to Akurdi in PCMC. IMO, Pune needs such highways; and not BRTS!!

    Foreigners Attending US Grad Schools Way Down: Wake Up, Xenophobes via @TechCrunch

     #ashes @BumbleCricket ‘s nickname for Nassir Hussain is Putin 🙂 Uncanny resemblance! Checkout: Putin looks at pitch

     Humans And Chimpanzees Genetically More Similar Than One Yeast Variety Is To Another

     Pune Media: For once, you can print something positive about #punetraffic – JM/FC Road oneway plan(its great!) instead of finding flaws…

     #h1n1 Lot more people die of TB in India. Precaution list is same! (Hand-washing, masks when near patients, etc..etc.) How many follow it??

    RT @PritishNandy If Indira’s Parsi husband was a Toddywalla, not a Gandhi would India’s political history be different? Shashi Tharoor(1997)

    Rediff – How India secretly helped Lanka destroy the LTTE via @amahajani

    Jon Stewart and Asif Mandavi at their best 🙂 …. cover the #SRK incident at Newark Airport via @adityakuber

    I was worried about hypochondria, now add OCD to that list 🙂 After swine flu, is OCD gripping Pune?

    Has anyone noticed that these ‘luxury’ Mumbai-Pune private busses are often the most polluting, and probably really badly maintained!

    RT @PritishNandy The way the BJP’s going, soon there’ll be no Opposition in Parliament.There will only be 2 parties: Pro-Mukesh vs Pro-Anil Warren Buffett’s oped in NY Times – ‘The Greenback Effect’ – Strikes a cautious note…

     Mumbai, Pune make it but some startling omissions RT @trakin 10 Wealthiest Cities in India: Any Guesses?

     Wondering – In future, what would you rather have from the Mulshi reservoir: 150 MW of power, or about 80% of Pune’s water needs?!

     Was suspected for a while, but now some proof? ‘Found: first amino acid on a comet’

     Just CANNOT imagine Favre playing AGAINST Packers on Moday Night! Why?? Source: Favre to sign with Vikings

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