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Elevated Riverside Metro in Pune?

Posted in Current Affairs, Pune by Amit Paranjape on June 10, 2012

‎”Not Elevated or Underground … but how about an Elevated Riverside Metro?”

A simple question has been in my mind regarding the proposed Pune Metro, for many months now … Along with elevated vs. underground – has anyone considered/evaluated/debated a ‘riverside’ metro route? I am curious.

Here are some random thoughts. I am not an expert and haven’t evaluated cost, environmental and other impacts. May be the simple answer could be ‘Riverside Elevated Metro Is Not Feasible’!

I am talking about an elevated route along the Mutha and Mula river side. This would not obstruct the river flow (like the current riverside road), since the column width is not that big. Think of columns near the edge of the river (beyond the current riverside road).

The rivers in Pune run through very busy areas and can provide a perfect natural pathway for the metro route. The stations can be constructed near the existing bridges – already busy traffic points and very convenient for passengers.

Environmental concerns may be there, anytime we talk about doing anything near the river bed, but I think if this route is elevated (not like the riverside road), then it will be just like any other bridge…and will have minimal impact on the river bed, flow, etc. Do note – we already have over 20 bridges in Pune.

The Mutha river can support a great route from Kothrud to Kalyaninagar via Pune Station.

The Mula river can support an even better route via busy PCMC areas and eventually to Aundh, Baner and Hinjewadi.

The area round the new bridge behind COEP (near the Sangam) could be potentially used for a terminus where both lines come together.

More importantly, the cost will be lower than underground and yet we will not have to deal with the construction and logistics nightmare (for years) on our busy and narrow roads, as well as more longer term impacts associated with an elevated metro.


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