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Twitter is a great medium for sharing interesting thoughts, ideas and links. It is increasingly becoming the ‘micro-blogging’ platform of choice (Twitter postings are limited to 140 characters). However, I still see that many of my friends, colleagues and other readers who subscribe to my blog feeds, are not on twitter.
I am trying this new format on my blog, where I put up some of my select twitter postings (also called as ‘tweets’) as a weekly blog article. The topics will be across the board – but mostly along the lines of what I have in my blog – Random Thoughts, Technology, Pune, Current Affairs, Science, Cricket, India, Humor, etc.
These weekly blog articles are listed below. Please provide your feedback on this new format and content. I will also continue to publish regular blog articles. If you are interested in learning more about twitter – please checkout and my brief article: What is Twitter? And why should one start using it?
Once you are onboard twitter, you can follow me at –  You can also checkout my latest ‘tweets’ on the right-hand-side navigation bar of my blog.


Weekly Posts

Select Twitter Postings (Tweets) – Week of Aug 12



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