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‘Vasant Vyakhyanmala’ – Spring Lecture Series: A great 137 year old tradition

Posted in Current Affairs, Pune by Amit Paranjape on April 24, 2011


Vasant Vyakhyanmala 2011

Vasant Vyakhyanmala 2011

In recent years, TED and TEDx events are getting quite popular. They do a great job of presenting ideas from various experts and thought leaders. The first TED India event was very well received and many TEDx events have been held in various cities in India over the past year.

But did you know that an event similar in concept, but covering a broader range of topics, has been going on in Pune for 136 years! The great tradition of the ‘Vasant Vyakhyanmala’ (translation: ‘Spring Lecture Series’) was started by Justice M.G. Ranade in 1875. The idea was to present a variety of lectures, across various topics to the people. In those days, newspapers were in their infancy (Kesari had not yet started) and live lectures were the most effective medium for knowledge transfer.

Since the 18th century Peshwa era, Pune has always been a center of knowledge and education. Post the fall of the Maratha Empire in 1818, Pune city witnessed a tough period lasting for a few decades. The city’s economy was in shambles. Many scholars and learned experts left the city. Things started to improve towards the later half of the 19th century, under visionary leaders such as Justice Ranade (and later on Lokmanya Tilak).

Ranade, Tilak and other leaders of that period clearly saw the value of ‘Information’. The citizens had to be educated and informed. The Vasant Vyankhyanmala initiative was born out of the need to disseminate information and create awareness. Justice Ranade delivered the first lecture in 1875 in English. Over the years though, most lectures have been delivered in Marathi. Through its rich 137 year history, there have been very rare occasions, where the series had to be cancelled. For many years,  the Vasant Vyankhyanmala was held at Hirabag and Belbag. It has been held at its present venue – Tilak Smarak Mandir, for many decades. Today, this series covers wide ranging topics such as Culture, Arts, Economics, Science, Health, Governance, History, etc.

This year’s series started on Friday April 22, with an inaugural lecture by Vijay Kelkar. (Note – Vijay Kelkar was awarded the Padma Vibhushan earlier this year by the President of India). Kelkar talked about India’s Growth Story. Ajit Ranade presented a very interesting topic on Saturday on Democracy and Electoral Reforms. The 2011 Vasant Vyakhyanmala will run through May 15. Here is a link to the full schedule from Harshad Oak’s blog .  This year Vasant Vyakhyanmala has a presence on facebook  and twitter. Do follow the links and updates on these social media websites, if you cannot attend the lectures.

While I have followed this lecture series over the years through media coverage, this was my first year attending it. As I said earlier the first two lectures were excellent. The event format and the organization was very good. The only negative in my view was the number of attendees (probably less than 500). In the pre-independence era, 1000s attended these lectures. Today, there are many other media sources for getting information, but an informative and thought-provoking live lecture is still a very powerful source. If you are in Pune, you should definitely try and attend at least some of these lectures, over the next 3 weeks. The lectures are virtually free to attend (Single lecture ticket costs Rs 5 and the season ticket is Rs 100).

There is a need to get the word out regarding Vasant Vyakhyanmala. More media publicity and social media presence will definitely help. I do hope that in the next few years, this great tradition that started in 1875 will continue to thrive, and reach much bigger audiences.


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  1. Narayan Venkatasubramanyan said, on April 25, 2011 at 9:00 pm

    “The only negative in my view was the number of attendees (probably less than 500). In the pre-independence era, 1000s attended these lectures.”

    i think you’re missing out a huge opportunity by not putting these talks online. after all, what percentage of the audience for a ted talk is actually present at the original presentation? for good talks, i’m sure that number becomes negligible.

  2. Amit Paranjape said, on April 26, 2011 at 1:54 pm

    Narayan – I agree. These lectures should be videotaped (and even better: livestreamed on the web). Hope this is done in the years to come.

  3. kanchan said, on April 30, 2011 at 4:59 am

    Thanks as usual for the blog Amit. I completely agree such a huge opportunity to increase the attendence and to reach many more people through web, if this could be offered on the streamed or as podcast?? This will benefit not only those of us far away, but also those nearby who given to crowds (streets..parking..getting around town etc.) avoid it or other fast pace daily life cannot make it. Hope this is sooner than years to come..since afterall India is a hub of technology!!

  4. Amit Paranjape said, on May 2, 2011 at 2:25 pm

    Kanchan – Thanks for your comments.

  5. Deodatta Patankar said, on April 28, 2012 at 2:27 pm

    For West Side Pune we at Sadhana Kala Manch also organise Vasant Wyakhyan Mala for last 18 years. this event is recognised by vaktruttejak Sabha as official vw mala for Pune Pashcheem.
    This year it was organides from April 15 th upto 20th April.
    This Year the speakers were—-
    1 Shree Vasant Abaji Dahake.
    2 Shree Vinay Sahastrabudhhe.
    3. Mrs Zelam Chaubal
    4 Shree Shivaraj Gorle.
    5. Miss Bhargavi Chiramule. Interview by Shree Arun Nulkar.
    6. Shree Banda Joshi.

    Deodatta Patankar.

  6. Amit Paranjape said, on May 2, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    Thanks for the update. Do let us know about this event next year, once the schedule becomes available.

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