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Supply Chain Management Overview (PuneTech Article)

Posted in Information Technology, Supply Chain Management by Amit Paranjape on November 13, 2008

Recently, I wrote an article on Supply Chain Management for, an online community that I am actively involved with. PuneTech was founded earlier this year by Navin Kabra.


PuneTech is a community portal exclusively focused on the innovative IT companies and startups in Pune. The primary objective of this initiative is to enable closer collaboration and knowledge sharing between technology professionals and companies. The ultimate long term goal is to help in creating a sustainable startup technology ecosystem in Pune.


PuneTech provides daily updates on various technology related happenings in Pune, with specific focus on new products and innovation. It also has a wiki where companies can update their profiles. PuneTech also works in close conjunction with other Startup Community and IT initiatives in Pune.


One sense I got after interacting with many IT experts here, was that their focus is more on pure technology and less on the business problem domain that many application software solutions eventually aim to solve. Hence I thought of writing a brief series of articles that provide a high level overview on specific application software domain – Supply Chain Management (SCM).  To access this first article in the series, click here. This article provides an overview of SCM and provides some information on SCM Software Development in Pune. Future articles will dig deeper in specific application areas of SCM.




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